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Transmedia & Digital Storytelling ~ Through the Eyes of Children

September 26, 2012

Last week some friends of ours introduced us to this series of Youtube videos called Kid History, I love them, and the more I watched them the more engrossed I became. These episodes of videos tell the history of a family by their children’s vantage point. The children tell the stories and the adults act them out. Over and over, my mind kept returning to all the elements of storytelling and myth inherent in all cultures. Certainly, these are examples of horrible storytelling, but are they really? These children are maturing, and their skills in storytelling evolve with their maturation. But it intrigues me to think of the intricate web that is spun from one simple story. The self-realities, cultural schemas, stereotypes, archetypes, mixed with the innocence of youth…  In one aspect, I felt I was listening to “virgin stories”, whereas from another vantage point I could see the sprinkling of the universal story lines that the parents were passing done to their children. There were heroes, antagonists, tension, and changes…all told in the simplest form of the English language. I almost felt that the parents were lulling me into their world and story, by creatively using their children’s innocence to “unassumingly” slip in universal symbolisms that starts out simple in nature but through the process of story can turn in to universal symbols that have the power to reshape our experience. I wonder if these parents even know how transfixing their fun Youtube project really is…

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