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I Have a Lot to Learn!

April 9, 2012

So today I had a pride hurting experience. I would like to say I am a “recovering perfectionist!” However, this would be a lie, but today might have put me on the road to recovery. I am working on my PhD in Media Psychology and today I turned in a final project in which I had lofty expectations for its completion. Now mind you, I have never turned in anything below an “A-“, and despite my talent in the visual arts and appealing to people’s sensory and pleasure neurons, technology won!

Simply put, the programs Audacity and Windows Live Movie Maker kicked my patootie! Moral of the story, plan, plan, and plan more for slide and audio timing. Despite my most laborious efforts, I could not tell my story with narration in under 7 minutes (project requirements and common time length in digital storytelling). But, not to be one to be defeated I will triumph and will revise until perfect…I am not ready for recovery yet!!!


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